Dada Dekade

This year begins a decade-long celebration of Dada; called the Dada Dekade, it takes places in Weimar. I attended the first of many semi-monthly events and it was splendid! As noted here, the

“Dada-Decade Weimar 2022” sets the stage for the 100th anniversary of the “International Congress of Dadaists and Contructivists” of which the spearhead of European Avant-garde was assembled in the Classicists Town and in Jena from the 25th to the 27th of September 1922.  Among the participants were the Dadaists, Hans Arp, Hans Richter, Kurt Schwitters and Tristan Tzara, the Constructivists El Lissitzky, Theo van Doesburg and  László Moholy-Nagy in addition to the Bauhaus students Karl Peter Röhl and Werner Graeff.

The event featured, amongst many others, spoken word and dada poetry read by a man with a black hat who very successfully encouraged audience participation:

There was also various musics playing all around the town square:

Music also included the Megaphone Orchestra:

There was also lots of costumes, including this:

The music was occasionally cacophonous, sounds emanated from everywhere in the town square, but it came together nicely once you were absorbed in it all, the sounds forming a coherent and pleasant adventurous beat (think about the first time you listen to Captain Beefheart: “It sounds wrong/out of time/cacophonous and yet it works! They mean it to sound like that!”). There were many home made instruments. It was great to see adults as well as children and people in their twenties all join in what was an hour long concert with much audience participation.

A wonderful spectacle in celebration of Dada.



  1. Amy

    We are in a for a decade of dada!? Blim BLIM!

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