First impressions of Bamberg

I arrived in Bamberg about a week and a half ago. It is one of the few cities in Germany that wasn’t bombed during the second world war, and so very beautiful. We have a vending machine in the lobby of our apartment block that dispenses local (long neckish size) beer for less than a euro each. Delicious dark malt beer. The promise of delicious pretzels was overrated. There are no pies here. There are heaps of cyclists everywhere; outside some mainly-student-filled apartment blocks there are hundreds of bicycles. Winter is coming. I almost caught a falling leaf.

The plan is to get German lessons very soon. I can get by almost, I can order lunch and coffee and buy a bus ticket but not much more. I need to minimise episodes of lingual embarrassment.

Germany also has biscuits named after famous philosophers:

And also these:

I’ve uploaded all the other photos of Bamberg here.


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