The cab’s bonnet

The other night, on the way home after a long bike ride, a cab unexpectedly pulled in front of me from its lane into my lane. I swerved to avoid it and as I went past I smacked its bonnet and turned around and gave the driver an angry look and shake of the head. And yet, strangely enough, I felt a mild sense of shame for doing that, like I was unconsciously buying into the cyclists versus motorists war via a bland and reflexive act of road rage. Even though the driver cut me off and probably would have continued to drive into my lane (I was in the bus lane) had I not done something to divert his attention, I still felt as if I went too far by smacking the bonnet of the cab. Sydney’s roads are infamous for being a lion den for cyclists, but even though this situation is dismal in comparison to other Western cities (for example, a US academic and cycling expert said last year that he “found the level of the hostility of Sydney motorists worse than I had seen anywhere in the world.” ), it’s not as dangerous and life-threatening as it is made out to be. In fact, it’s not dangerous at all in comparison with other forms of transport (at worst “risk assessment reveals that cycling is not a more risky activity than the other modes of transport.”). Anyway, I won’t go into the endless debates about the risk level of cycling compared to other activities, lets just hope it won’t get to this:


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